In Exile

Her grandfather was Supreme Ruler of the planet Anders Major.
Now she is his heir … and the target of his killer.

Book 1: Abandoned – At the top of her profession and acclaimed for her work with endangered animals, Jemma is happy with her life until one night in the rainforest a terrifying encounter with a man named Frederick Pritchard changes everything. Jemma discovers she was born on another planet, Anders Major, and is now heir to their ruling house. Pritchard’s rebel organisation aims to prevent her from claiming her heritage – by any means. As she flees, with the help of military man, Sean, she discovers a plot that runs to the highest levels of government and beyond – to the Inter Planetary League, a group of aliens who have worked with Earth’s military for centuries.



Book 2: Stranded – Jemma and Sean travel forward in time to help the IPL rebuild after Earth is devastated by a fifty year war. They encounter a different species of aliens. Sean is kidnapped and taken across the universe to a desolate prison planet. Jemma works with the IPL to mount a rescue and although she does find him, their craft is destroyed by unfriendly aliens and they are stranded on another planet and must find a way to return home.



Book 3: TORN – Back on Earth and relatively safe, dissidents from Anders Major are still causing problems for those on Earth whose origins are from the ruling houses of Anders. Jemma and Sean break up an attempt to kidnap young women from Earth and taken them back to Anders where they will be forced to marry men in the ruling houses. Jemma takes the decision to return to Anders herself where she will either take up her title or reject her heritage.