Binyon Falls

The Australian outback is a place to escape, to hide, to rest or just to regroup and find yourself.

Phoebe wanted peace and quiet to recover from the death of her mother, and a nasty divorce from her controlling ex-husband. She wasn’t looking for love, and didn’t expect to uncover murder.

She meets Jack, the charming and ultra-capable station owner in the middle of a ferocious bushfire. Still raw from her acrimonious divorce, she feels inadequate and flustered by his attention, and is relieved to escape when called to another property.

But, that other property holds the key to unearthing Queensland’s, and probably Australia’s, worst ever case of serial murder. It gets worse before it gets better when her estranged father is charged with the murders.

With Jack’s help, she reaches out to her father in prison. Unable to believe that he is guilty, she now faces the fight of her life to prove his innocence.