As a Medical Practitioner and Psychologist, I have worked extensively in rural and remote outback Australia where odd experiences are the norm. I’m fascinated by how ordinary people cope with extraordinary situations and my Exiled books grew out of one such odd experience.

Late one night, sitting on our back veranda in Northern Tasmania, we saw two bright lights travel slowly overhead. We couldn’t see a craft behind them – just the bright lights. The next day the local newspaper reported the phenomenon. The lights had been seen by many people. Strangely, no official explanation was ever forthcoming. Speaking, a few weeks later, to some trawlermen I was told that such lights were common. But it was their question that raised my fascination.

One of the men said, “What would you do, if one of them landed in your paddock?”

The many possible answers to that question grew into my first book, Abandoned.

I also write Rural Mysteries and Outback Crime. My next project in this field is “Binyon Falls.”