Writer of Crime-Romance and Sci-Fi-Romance novels that question how ordinary people cope with extraordinary situations and find each other along the way.


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ABANDONED – a Sci-Fi/Romance

Jemma discovers she comes from a royal heritage – on another planet. Someone from the planet killed her parents and her grandfather. Now he is after her.

Sean learns that his father was leader of security on the same planet. The same person killed his father. Now, all he cares about is saving Jemma.

With the help of the Inter-Planetary League, they evade the man who would kill them but are banished from Earth.

Abandoned by their own planet, and now by the governments of Earth, they must find a way to survive.



BINYON FALLS – An Outback Crime/Rural Romance

Phoebe, a country doctor, escaped to Binyon Falls after the death of her mother, and a particularly nasty divorce where she accidentally becomes embroiled in the police investigation of a series of murders.

Jack, a local farmer and businessman, is determined to protect her when the prime suspect, Mr Smith, turns up on her doorstep. But after several bodies are found on his property, he becomes a suspect himself.

Yet it is the identity of Mr Smith that will present the greatest shock of all.